Governor Parson signs bill which could benefit Joplin economy


MISSOURI — Missouri Governor Mike Parson signs a bill that could have a beneficial impact on the Joplin economy.

House Bill 2046 allows workers licensed for a variety of occupations in one state to speed up the process of becoming licensed in the show-me state.

It minimizes requirements for people to get licensed to do work.

Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President Toby Teeter says it’s a step in the right direction for filling job openings in an economy that reaches into neighboring states.

Toby Teeter, President, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “Fairly common for licensed nurses, you name it, there’s a large spectrum of licensed occupations that cross the state boundaries, this is a big deal for Joplin, it helps Missouri employers compete for talent and bring the talent from Kansas and Oklahoma into the Joplin market.”

There are dozens of companies with openings that could benefit.

The bill also establishes the fresh start and expanded workforce act.

The fresh start act bans occupational licensing boards from denying licenses to people based on their criminal history.

Unless their history involves a violent or sexual crime or one directly related to that job.

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