KANSAS — Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has embarked on her Back To Work, Back To School Tour across the state.

It involved a couple of stops in Southeast Kansas: Humboldt and Chanute.

Gov. Laura Kelly, (D) Kansas, said, “As the vaccines and as the vaccinations rates go up, it allows us to continue to move back to normal.”

Even though the legislature is out, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is hard at work. She’s making her way through the state speaking to communities, seeing what needs to be done as those communities begin to re-open.

“That means our businesses can open up, our movie theaters, bowling allies, all of them can open up and start functioning normally once we get the vaccinations done.”

Moving forward, Kansas has a lot going for them. The hard work lawmakers made leading up to the pandemic, such as rebuilding the department of commerce, allowed the state to remain strong.

“We were also able to set a record in new capital investment in the state of Kansas in 2020, we brought in over 2.5 billion dollars.”

Matthew Godinez, Chanute Regional Development Authority, said, “Our tax base continued to grow, we were actually over 2019 numbers, so Chanute really rallied around each other to pull through the pandemic together.”

The next step in working together is to help Kansans return to – and grow its workforce.

“Getting people back into the workforce, whether that’s retraining, refreshers, getting working with fresh high school graduates through the training we need for the jobs we have available.”

To help the state start its future on the right foot.

“Let’s see what we need to do to allow them now to reopen fully and get back to business and not need the assistance of the state anymore,” said Kelly.