KANSAS — The approval rating of Governor Laura Kelly’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic is dropping.

A new poll puts the Governor’s favorability at just 46% in late August, down four percent from a month earlier.

In Kansas, President Trump was up four points, moving him to 39%.

The average daily number of new cases increased in Kansas last month, while that number fell for the country as a whole. Disagreements on how to handle the crisis by state officials could be leading to the decreasing numbers.

Bob Beatty, Political Analyst, said,”There’s a lot of bickering between the two branches of government, the governor and the legislative branch, divided government. So Instead of unifying, the bickering goes on, and then people see that and they’re unsatisfied, not just with their governor, but with government in general.”

Governor Kelly’s numbers were slightly below the norm. Across the country, Governors’ approval ratings dropped about three percent.