KANSAS — Tuesday Governor Kelly heard directly from Kansas teachers how the return to school is going.

This is the second virtual meeting Governor Kelly held with Kansas teachers. And with many schools starting this week, the governor wanted their input on how things are going.

Educators on the Zoom meeting say each of their districts have spent months making back to school plans that are safe for students and staff. But some teachers are concerned that lack of internet access for students in rural areas could hinder their education.

Emily Dizmang, Kansas Teacher, said, “It’s really hard to get the kids on and be able to stay on. We had lots of kids that couldn’t connect.”

At the beginning of the month, the State Finance Council, led by Governor Kelly, approved $60 million in CARES Act money to expand broadband access in the state. While this isn’t specifically for education, it could help students in rural communities or low-income students get connected. But for the students learning in the classroom, health officials say spreading out as much as possible, wearing masks and even eye protection for the adults are the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronvirus.

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, University of Kansas Medical Center, said, “If you keep endorsing the message, as we heard about the children that are in school right now are doing that and are having a very good response to that, that is going to be the way to keep everybody safe.”

Teachers say kids have been doing well with the health guidelines and following the new rules.

You may be able to help keep Kansas students safe.

Health officials say that adults setting an example for children will make them more comfortable with these changes.

You can do this by social distancing, washing your hands and wearing a mask.