Governor Greitens announces apprenticeship program investment plan


Governor Eric Greitens has recently announced a plan to invest in apprenticeship programs in the state of Missouri.

Apprenticeship programs in the state of Missouri are getting additional funding after a recent announcement made by governor Eric Greitens.  This will allow $3.6 million dollars of federal funding to be allotted to benefit student participants. Apprenticeship programs are for trade professions that teach on the job training.

“It’s not just a job for us,” says Bradley Morris.

Bradley Morris has been apart of the Joplin Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program for about 2 years. He says his daily tasks include learning to build concrete forms.

“It’s given me the knowledge to build my home without the help of others,” says Bradley Morris, “this is a career something I plan on doing until I’m ready to retire.” 

The funding will create new apprenticeship programs as well as revamp existing ones. Program director Corin Berryhill says learning these skills are invaluable. He adds this additional funding will create more opportunities for students to grow.

“You can just see stories left and right of how it’s impacted not just the apprentice themselves lives, but also the contractors and in the area. They’re learning a skill set they can hang their hat on at the end of the day they can go out and take their families out to eat they can go spend money within the community,” says Corin Berryhill.

Berryhill says students of Joplin Carpenters group can earn 12 credit hours towards an Associate degree in Construction Management.

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