WEBB CITY, Mo. — Our latest Golden Lion Award winner comes from Webb City High School.

Kylee Bard, WCHS Student, said, “I’m involved in a lot of activities, sports and things – wrestling, softball, track, I’m in yearbook.”

Kylee Bard of Webb City doesn’t have a lot of free time.

“Really involved with FCA and NHS – all those clubs and things, very busy.”

But when she heard about a young Webb City student with cancer, she made time to help.

“My aunt proposed a baseball tournament to be organized for him because her son is friends with him and I said of course I can step in and help and give as much time, whatever you need.”

Kylee spent hours and hours organizing, projects like prepping raffle items.

“The night before we would put them all in nice wrapping and list them all for the raffle and get all the papers ready and everything. So there was a process there. And then the next morning we would get there early to set up the tents, tables, everything that we needed make sure all the coaches knew where they were going.”

Kylee has also spent plenty of time supporting other causes.

“Helped with various, various fundraising events and helped organize that a pancake feed before.”

Also a food drive to help those in need.

“Hundreds of cans, they make a nice big mountain right next to the principal’s office we get to walk around in the hallway.”

Webb City teacher Anna Busby says Kylee is a great pick for the Golden Lion award.

Anna Busby, WCHS Teacher, said, “I would have to say she’s the most caring student that I’ve had – I see her interacting with other students especially ones that may need a friend and she’s the first person to be there for them.”

And Kylee wants to keep helping others after graduation.

“I plan on going into pre-medicine or possibly pre-pharmacy – I’d like to get my doctorate,” said Bard.