JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s a new winner for the Golden Lion Award.

Joe Lupicki, McAuley Student, said, “I do basketball, golf, track.”

Joe Lupicki is a busy 17 year old. He’s a senior at McAuley Catholic High School. The campus is small, which he likes.

“Everybody knows each other.”

And even when it’s not an organized activity, Joe likes to pitch in and help.

“Kind of along the lines of putting things together that come in boxes or fixing whatever would need to be fixed within my capabilities. Just trying to be someone people can count on to you know help to whatever.”

That includes putting together standing desks and even athletic equipment.

“Actually we got donated money for a weight room, so I put together a lot of weight room equipment.”

He regularly volunteers to help staff, like volunteering on the lunch line in the cafeteria. Also helping with meals for those in need down the road at the Outreach House.

“We were on the kitchen side… we peeled potatoes and just helped out the staff there get everything prepared and ready.”

One time, a snow storm struck during a high school event, prompting Joe to go to work clearing windshields for a long line of cars.

“I wanted to make sure people didn’t chance driving with windows that obscure vision – so before whoever takes off I would try to make sure they would be able to see where they were going.”

McAuley Principal Dr. Emily Yoakam says he’s very deserving of the Golden Lion Award.

Dr. Emily Yoakam, McAuley Principal, said, “He has this natural ability that he can see a situation and see somebody needs help – he’s right there volunteering finding a way to help a person.”

After graduation, Lupicki plans to pursue a career in electrical engineering.