There’s a new winner for the Golden Lion Award – and this month the focus is at Carl Junction High School.

There’s 15 year old Harley, he’s a black lab – and then another dog who’s a bit of a mutt.
Amanda Taulman is a senior at Carl Junction High School. “Remy, we got her from the Humane Society, a mix we don’t really know.”

Taulman loves her fur babies so much it prompted her to reach out to others without a home. “I go to the humane society and get to play with the dogs and the cats and just do whatever they need for me there.”
It was one of the first time Amanda had volunteered her time, but it wouldn’t stop there. She takes care of the babies in the nursery at church. “They’re also thinking about starting a special needs class I also hope I can help out.”

Something she already knows about. Amanda helps out, mentoring special needs students at Carl Junction schools. “Help them um use their basic skills and just get them out of the classroom setting and just have fun with them.”

There have been canned food drives for Watered Gardens and tutoring some of CJ’s youngest students. “We have a kindergarten class and a first grade class and we just help them learn to read and read with them.”

She even gives other students a taste of life outside the US. Said Taulman, “We have a Spanish Day to teach kids Spanish – it’s like a whole day and we help them out with Spanish.” 

CJ math teacher Sherry Sharp has Amanda in class and says it’s no surprise she was chosen for the Golden Lion Award. Sharp said, “She’s one of those students who kind of takes you by surprise because she is, her leadership style is not flashy or aggressive and she is an extremely quiet leader, which really lends well when she’s working with younger students.”

Amanda doesn’t plan to go far after graduation. “Missouri Southern – I’m hoping to major in health, promotion and wellness and then go to physical therapy school.”