God’s Resort provides a place to stay for those trying to restart


Ask anyone that’s ever tried, it can be hard to break the cycle of poverty, addiction or domestic violence. But a Joplin ministry is helping local residents with trying to restart their lives by providing them a place of their own for that transition.

Meet Jim and Joyce Bottles, or as they’re known in the building as grandma and grandpa. They do a little bit of everything for everyone that lives in the newest 5 plex to be built by a nearby ministry called God’s Resort.

“Whatever they need, if they need to go to Crosslines, provide transportation for them if they need it, we help clean apartments, we have a prayer night,” says Jim and Joyce Bottles.

They mentor the other people living in the building trying to get back on their feet, like Brian Patterson who’s trying to turn his life around after a bout with drugs and alcohol.

“They give me strength and just encourage me every time I see them and Joyce will cook for me all the time, she knows that I work overnights, they just, we pray together and we have bible study together,” says Brian Patterson.

“Just being here for the people, an encourager, love on them,” says the Bottles.

The complex where Jim and Joyce live, includes one two-bedroom apartment and four one-bedroom units. It’s identical to a building just across the street completed earlier this year.

“Gonna be a wonderful tool that we use to help people get to where they couldn’t get if they didn’t have a place and a family and a community to do that,” says Jay St. Clair, God’s Resort Executive Director.

The next major project for God’s Resort is to bulldoze these three structures, have them down to the ground by January first with construction starting sometime in the new year. Jim was supposed to be spending his retirement fishing and playing golf, but he’s got more important things to do with his time now.

“Boy, I don’t get to do too much of that, it’s on the back burner, busy busy busy, but it’s good, it’s good, God is good,” says Jim and Joyce Bottles.

The addition of the new complex brings the total number of living spaces for residents in the neighborhood of the resort to thirty. A $150 thousand dollar donation from David and Debra Humpreys made the complex possible.

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