God’s Resort makes way for expansion


A local non-profit is making way for an expansion of the service they provide to the community.

God’s Resort already operates 30 single family dwellings in an area around 15th and Pearl in Joplin. But before they can offer more, they had to level two aging structure at 14th and Pearl today.

Jenny Knowles says the structure right behind them will also soon be coming down. She says the long term goal is to build another new building just like the one that was constructed last year so more people can make a fresh start in their lives.

“And at least one new five plex apartment building, a little bit like the ones we see here that were built just this last year will be built and they’ll look a lot like the ones that are here. Between these two here there’ll be a little community area, the doors will all open out on the same side so that, well to facilitate community,” says Jenny Knowles, God’s Resort Community Relations.

The organization works off donations from the community. If you’d like to contribute to the building fund, or help tenants living inside to pay their utilities, we’ve put a link here.

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