God’s Resort in Joplin plans to expand to be able to help more people


JOPLIN, MO – In tonight’s dose of good news… An organization that helps those recovering from addiction is expanding.

“I was trying to get sober many many times. I had to make that decision because I lost my family, I lost my house, I lost my cars, I lost everything over alcohol, meth, pain pills,” said April Martin who’s lived at God’s Resort for five months.

“God’s Resort has completely helped me with my recovery process. Mostly because I’ve tried to get clean before. The right people weren’t usually around,” said Britney Bonham who’s lived at God’s Resort for 9 months.

God’s Resort is a transitional home in Joplin that helps people like April and Britney overcome addiction and poverty.

They give those recovering from addiction a fresh start.

“For the last 7 years I had not worked. I lost my identity, who I was and who I was in Christ. When I came here, I got my confidence back. I’ve grown tremendously, physically, mentally, spiritually. And it’s just been the best experience I’ve ever chosen in my life right now.” Martin says.

God’s Resort recently bought a home on the 1500 block of Pearl and tore it down to make room for new opportunities.

“We have 40 homes and 40 places for people to connect and what we say get freedom from their past and find their potential as the child of God. It just gives one more piece of property to be developed and help one individual find some freedom, find some community and find some healing,” said Jay St. Clair the Executive Director of God’s Resort.

He hopes to build a duplex or a facility that can house 5 families to help more people.

But God’s Resort is not sure what they will build on the empty lot yet.

Their goal is to continue to provide its residents, like Britney, with recovery meetings and life transition coordinators to help them move forward.

“I can talk to my family, I can talk to my kids, and I’m closer to God more than I have ever been” said Bonham.

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