What is the dirtiest thing in your purse?


You just never know the monsters lurking at the bottom of your purse, but you do now.

According to a new study by LendEDU, our credit and debit cards are the most bacteria-covered things in our purses, even more so than the dollar bills or coins you find lying around.

To sum it up, the dirtiest card that LendEDU tested was even filthier than a McDonald’s door handle and a NYC subway pole. Researchers swabbed the front and backs of all different debit and credit cards to find out how much bacteria and germs were on them. They found that the backsides of cards were significantly germier than the front sides, which makes sense as that’s the part that comes into contact with more surfaces.


Experts say the best way to clean those cards is to swipe them with an antiseptic wipe after every few uses to prevent bacteria from building up. Or you can use a damp towel on each card before rubbing the magnetic strip with a rubber eraser to remove grime.

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