JOPLIN, Mo. — Animal experts say it’s okay for your pets to enjoy some of those holiday leftovers — but be careful.

Workers at the Joplin Humane Society say turkey, vegetables and breads are fine. Those foods contain protein and fiber, which can be good for your pets.

But, they say to avoid sweets — especially chocolate and anything that contains artificial sweeteners. Also — make sure your pet doesn’t overdo it when it comes to holiday eating.

“Don’t give them a lot of scraps, it can really upset their stomach. they’re used to a certain brand of food you’re supplying them, so giving them scraps can upset their stomach, potentially causing some nausea or diarrhea,” said Thomas Jay, Joplin Humane Society.

Officials also say to make sure you don’t give your pets poultry bones, but beef and pork bones are okay.