Give Better Campaign


JOPLIN, Mo. — If you live, work, or drive through Joplin, you know there’s quite a presence of people pan handling on a growing number of street corners.

But, James Whitford, Executive Director of Watered Gardens Ministries, thinks there’s more the community can do than rolling down windows and handing out money. He says that’s the purpose behind the ministry’s new Give Better campaign.

James Whitford, Ex. Director, Watered Gardens Ministries, said, “The best thing that viewers can do is to go True Charity dot US, forward slash give better, because on that page we actually give some ideas and suggestions about how to give better, how to build real relationships with people and maybe how to help them in their time of need other than just handing cash out a window.”

Whitford says the public awareness campaign will include radio and tv spots highlighting the program.

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