Girl Scouts Raise Money For Handicap Swing


Girl Scouts set up shop at Southwest Missouri Bank in Neosho to raise money for an important cause.

The troop hosted a lemonade stand to raise funds to purchase a handicap swing.
One of the troop members thought of this idea just two years ago, when she realized that those with disabilities may have to travel out of town just to enjoy fun at a park.
Southwest Missouri Bank has partnered with this troop to provide a matching grant in efforts to not only support these girls but to also support the community.

“And since I was a Neosho troop, I was like hmm why can’t … Why don’t we try to raise enough money to buy a handicap swing in Neosho because handicapped people in Neosho can’t … That want to swing have to go to like Joplin or somewhere else to swing.” says Emily Barnhard, Girl Scout Troop 70098

When they reach their $2,000 goal, the city of Neosho will choose to place the swing at either Big Spring Park or Morris Park.

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