Gig Economy


There’s more than one way to try and pay the bills. For most of us it means a full time job. But for a growing number of others, especially young people in means something else.

“My day starts at 4 A.M. and ends whenever my 2 year old decides it’s bedtime,” says Laken Zimmerman.

If you look in the dictionary under the term “gig economy,” you’d probably find Laken Zimmerman’s picture. She’s the perfect example of someone with multiple part time jobs as opposed to one full time job.

“Get everything ready for my kid’s day, my day, my husband’s day and head to work, I’m at work at 5 a.m. every morning,” says Zimmerman.

The first of her jobs is a half shift at our sister station KODE where she does, as you might guess, just about anything that needs to be done from one day to the next, from there it could be a number of different destinations and vocations.

“After that I’ll head to Neosho, Missouri where I go to the magazine ‘Show Me The Ozarks Magazine’ office, I do social editing for the magazine as well as small write ups, some photography,” says Zimmerman.

She also puts her college experience to use by doing some graphic design work for different media outlets.

“I’ll just find random writing gigs on line and and it’s a great source for supplemental income, I also write for a progressive feminist magazine which is also an online publication in Joplin,” she says.

She’s also active in theatrical events at Bookhouse Cinema and she says most of her friends and co-workers also exist in the same part time plane of existence. 

“The one thing that is constant between all of my jobs or gigs is community and that’s something I take a lot of pride in is highlighting and supporting local community and businesses here, I love it and that’s really what drives me,” says Laken Zimmerman.

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