Getting vaccinated to become easier in Joplin


JOPLIN, Mo. — Getting the covid-19 vaccine will be even easier now that a Joplin drive-thru testing site is shifting gears.

We’re all familiar with drive-thru flu clinics, a chance to get the shot without leaving your car. Now, that’s an option for patients who need the covid-19 vaccine.

Jessica Liberty, Freeman Infection Control, said, “Before the way we’ve done it traditionally is somebody comes in pulls in to be tested, they check in with our greeter so the same type of process, they go they check in, they verify that they’re on the schedule to have the vaccine.”

And you must sign up ahead of time. Next there’s a list of questions to answer.

“We do follow all the guidance that the vaccine manufacturers had released to us. Once they answer those questions and we have somebody, you know, give them the vaccination, and then we start their timer.”

On the required waiting time before you’re free to go. It’s a process that takes just a few minutes and you never have to leave your car, a convenience organizers will hope encourage more to get vaccinated.

“They don’t ever have to leave their vehicle that they can stay in their vehicle during the entire time of being vaccinated.”

Freeman has been conducting drive-thru covid testing on the site for several months. But now, every other Tuesday, the focus will be prevention.

“We will be performing some vaccines later on in the day, so that way that’ll help accommodate those people that are maybe working those Monday through Friday eight to five jobs.”

For now, the vaccine offered with be either Moderna or Pfizer depending on the supply at the time you sign up. They say they could re-evaluate offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine at a later date.

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