Georgia Rottweiler is preparing for her Dock Diving competitions


GEORGIA – In today’s dose of good news… A Georgia dog trainer and her furry friend are diving for the win.

The duo travels all over the Southeast to compete in Dock Diving, a sport where dogs get judged by how far they jump off a dock into the water.

Reina, a dog who not only isn’t afraid of the water, she’s taking her love for it to new heights.

“She’s definitely an anomaly, she’s unique.” Says Cindy McManus, Reina’s Owner.

Reina is a 5-year old Rottweiler training for dock diving competitions throughout the Southeast. Reina was recently dubbed the country’s best professional dock diving Rottweiler.

“Her first year she was actually the number two Rottweiler but she has jumped 26 feet which in the history of dock diving no Rottweiler has jumped 26 feet .” Says McManus.

Reina spends most of her time with Cindy in their backyard pool. There, Reina practices her swimming, jumping, and all of the other dog duties needed to win national titles.

“I just kept cultivating her diving or jumping off of this dock and she just kept getting better and better and better.” Says McManus.

Come competition time, Reina’s owner says she’s all ears and light years ahead of her opponents.

“At the competitions she’s definitely more serious, she’s amped up and has a handle on her collar because I have to hold her back, it’s a forty foot run into the pool and she just takes off.” Says McManus.

On top of reins being well known in the dock diving world, she also makes time for her community.

“She’s a certified therapy dog, she goes to libraries kids read to her, she’s titled in agility, she’s titled in lure coursing and fast cat and she’s all around just a really great dog.” Says McManus.

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