George Washington Carver National Park contributes to “Feds Feed Families”


DIAMOND, Mo. — A local national park is helping feed those in need.

The George Washington Carver National Park in Diamond is contributing to the U.S.D.A’s “Feds Feed Families” Campaign.

Park staff used their resources to donate 150 pounds of non-perishable foods to Crossline Ministries in Neosho.

“We always talk about different dimensions of wellness, and one of those is social capitol. We want to insure everyone within our community understands that we’re here to serve at the national park service. We’re here of course with our resource of George Washington Carver, but if we can also voluntarily contribute to those local families it helps serve us and fill our cups as well,” said Sarah Martin – George Washington Carver National Monument Park Guide

Six million pounds of food was donated through the campaign across the country.

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