George Washington Carver National Monument screens documentary detailing the contributions of the Red Tails


DIAMOND, Mo. — The story of African-American men in World War II is brought to life as they work to become the first black fighter pilots in our nation.

George Washington Carver National Monument showed a PBS documentary outlining these individuals contributions.

The fighter pilots also known as Red Tails were a leading African-American ensemble in the war.

The men trained in Tuskegee, Alabama.

The group was originally set up as an experiment.

With its success, the Red Tails quickly became one of the best fighter pilot teams that fought in Europe.

Valerie Baldwin, Park Guide, says, “It’s as much a part of the African-American experience as Carver’s story. One of our programs that we do is called African-American Trailblazers, and his actions as a trailblazer with agriculture kind of go along the lines with the airmen.”

Baldwin adds the film does a great job of showing the journey that led the men from the U.S. to Europe, fighting and helping win WWII.

There will be a special showing of the film Sunday as well.

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