George Washington Carver National Monument is still open daily


DIAMOND, Mo. — It may be a different Summer than most, but the George Washington Carver National Monument is still open daily and offers you the chance to go outside and walk its historic trail.

Jim Heaney, said, “It’s a chance to kind of commune with nature and explore the natural world that Carver explored as a child.”

George Washington Carver was deemed one of the most prominent Black scientists of the 20th century.

And without charge, you can take a walk through his eyes of his birthplace and childhood home.

At Carver’s park, you can experience the walking trail, maybe have a picnic, or even participate in some of the weekly events.

The greatest feature of all heavily favors that of the trail itself and for good reason.

Jim Heaney, Park Superintendent, said, “I would say walking that Carver Trail. It’s very serene and you truly get a sense of the young Carver when you walk that trail. Just filled with natural beauty–occasionally, you might see animals particularly early in the morning. It’s just very soothing, very reflective and very enjoyable.”

That’s not all, because the park is both family and kid friendly, kids have the opportunity to become part of the park in a pretty unique way.

“Kids can come to the parks, fill out a book with different questions, they can find their answers during their visits here. And at the end of their visit, or after completing the book they get to earn a reproduction National Parks Service badge and they’re sworn in as Junior Rangers.”

The park is open daily from nine a.m. to five p.m. except major holidays while also hosting virtual events on their Facebook page as well.

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