DIAMOND, Mo– A local landmark is celebrating the end of slavery in the United States.

Sunday afternoon, the George Washington Carver National Monument held a Juneteenth program.

Carver was a world renewed scientist who created more than 300 types of peanut products and helped fight soil depletion.

The presentation was held outside and they discussed the meaning behind Juneteenth.

Curtis Gregory, Park Ranger, says, “A lot of Juneteenth celebrations throughout time would have happened during George Washington Carver’s time. So we talk a little bit about George Washington Carver. Then we’ll talk a lot about the national park service and how it preserves the African-American heritage.”

The monument hosts events every weekend.

Next weekend they will hold a program called Epitaphs and Engravings.

They will discuss the meanings behind the symbols and engravings found on the headstones in the Carver Family Cemetery.