Generic teeth straightening products can cause long-term problems


An area dentist is warning consumers about do-it-yourself Orthodontics, and he’s not alone.

The patent on the product called Invisalign has come off, and several other companies can now sell products just like the original. They are often used on kids and adults to straighten teeth either after braces come off or instead of braces. Joplin Dentist Dr. Jay Joseph says it’s now possible for people to order generic versions of that product without having to go to a dentist. But he says that can end up causing real problems in the long run.

“There’s nothing worse than going through there and having a beautiful smile and getting everything straight you know and maybe the bite may be off, maybe the teeth may be loose, some of that stuff is irreversible, some of that stuff you can’t go back and change you know,” says Dr. Jay Joseph, Dentist.

And the American Dental Association feels the same way “strongly discouraging” consumers from using them without consulting a dentist first.

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