General Mills donates to the Children’s Haven

“$20,000,” said Steve Kurtz, General Mills Plant Manager.
“You’re kidding me?” asked Stephanie Theis, Children’s Haven Executive Director.
“Congratulations, so that is why I brought my friends and all the news crew here today,” said Kurtz. 
“I’m shocked and amazed, and not often speechless. This is fantastic,” said Theis.
That’s the reaction of Children’s Haven Executive Director Stephanie Theis, when a familiar face knocked on the door Tuesday morning. 
“I just like to thank General Mills, they’ve been a great supporter to us for 13 years. They’ve been represented on our board and are currently the president of board, and so they’re just a great group of folks supporting local community organizations,” said Theis.
That familiar face belongs to Steve Kurtz, who is the plant operations manager at General Mills in Joplin, as well as the president of the Children’s Haven Board of Directors. He says the occasion is the 150th year in business for General Mills.
“We understand the great service they provide in this community year in and year out, so we want to continue to support Children’s Haven,” said Kurtz.
“We’re serving more kids than ever before, we got 16 here this morning and some calls for families coming in later on. So, really just utilizing it to keep kids busy and safe this summer,” Theis explained. 
“So I know the impact and I get to see the children here and understand, you know, the and think about what kind of situation they may be in if it wasn’t for Children’s Haven,” said Kurtz.
Children’s Haven provides shelter for kids in crisis situations.

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