Gas tax increased in Missouri


JOPLIN, Mo. — No one likes paying more at the pump — and some drivers will go an extra mile or two to avoid it. But starting this week, it will cost more at all Missouri gas stations.

This Friday marks the first in a series of increases approved by state lawmakers and the governor. Gas will cost an extra two and a half cents a gallon.

“It’s probably 12 or 13,000 miles,” said Bill Williams, Joplin Driver. The mileage Joplin driver Bill Williams puts on his car a year.

He knows the gas tax he pays is going up, an extra 2.5 cents at the pump: “I don’t think it’ll be a big difference,” said Williams.

But it does add up. The first year alone is expected to raise about 90 million dollars for the state – funding for high priority transportation projects.

“It’s desperately needed for infrastructure for roads, bridges. About 40% of our highway traffic is non Missourian. And if we finance it only through general revenue. Only the people that pay tax in Missouri are paying for the roads entirely. So we, we don’t do it that way,” said Mo Sen. Bill White, R.

Lawmakers say a driver putting 20,000 miles a year on a vehicle that gets 20 miles per gallon will spend about $20 more on the gas tax.

But residents who want to don’t want to pay that can apply for a refund.

“What you need — it’s your VIN number, who you are, where you bought the gas from, who bought it, the date of the purchase. And you don’t actually have to mail in your receipts you keep track of it, and you have to keep your receipts in case you’re audited,” said Senator White.

The Missouri Department of Revenue will start taking those applications with the “Motor Fuel Tax Highway Use Refund” claim form.

So the gas tax paid now through next June can be filed next July through September.

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