Gas prices predicted to drop below $1.49/gallon


JOPLIN, Mo. — If you haven’t been to the gas station as much as you usually are, you’ll be in for a welcomed surprise when you do.

The price of gas throughout the four state region has been on the decline, and it may go even lower.

According to Gasbuddy.Com, the price per gallon is expected to drop to a dollar forty nine in some parts of the country and others could fall below a dollar a gallon.

Many younger drivers have never experienced prices that low, and those that can, never thought they’d see it again.

Robert Atkins, Driver, said, “Well, I appreciate it, I think it’s about time that gas did come down to where people can feel more comfortable about buying it and uh it might leave a little more money in their pockets.”

Analysts say the drop in consumption of gas brought on by the coronavirus is one of the factors driving down prices at the pump.

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