Garmin falls victim to ransomware attack


JOPLIN, Mo. — The price tag is millions and millions of dollars – with a wide ranging impact.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “Last Thursday Garmin posted a message that they were offline pending maintenance – we’ve seen those previously but this one was odd because those typically last an hour or so.”

But this one didn’t – it lasted through the weekend, affecting everything from logging workouts on smartwatches to updating avionics software on airplanes.

It was all the result of a hack.

“Encrypted all of the servers. So it literally took Garmin down to their knees – it took their websites down, took their phone systems down, took their entire fee structure down.”

The ransom demand to restore those files was allegedly ten million dollars.

A big price to pay for what was likely started with a small mistake, according to John Motazedi with SNC Squared.

“It was probably just one of the users that just misclicked on something and downloaded it.”

Once they’re in, they can take their time.

“See how the traffic is, what are the important servers – what they really need to target. and then when they actually unleash the software it is very very devastating.”

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