Galena PD looks to add additional traffic signs around town


Galena police will ask city council for more traffic signs around town at Monday night’s meeting.

The Galena Police Department is working to make the town safer, especially on Main Street. Galena police often clock speeders in a few different areas that don’t have many speed limit signs. And, often times those drivers go on with a warning because it’s hard to write a ticket for speeding when the speed limit isn’t posted.

“Down Main Street, we’ve had a few complaints,” explained Galena PD Chief Billy Charles. “When officers do pull people over, they didn’t know what the speed limit was. And, this will just help get the information out.”

Charles adds they would like to add more signage around the south side of town by the highway but they are going to have to work that out with KDOT. If approved, he hopes to have the new signs up very soon.

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