Galena Days makes a welcoming return to the Southeast Kansas community


GALENA, KS – A Southeast Kansas tradition is making its return this weekend. Of course, we’re talking about “Galena Days.”

It’s a very welcomed return indeed after it was canceled last year.

However, this year’s version has a deeper meaning behind it, as the city looks to honor former Fire Chief Bill Hall.

“After COVID, we are so eager just to get back together again.” Says Debbie Carey, Galena Resident.

“We’re just excited to get this thing kicked off again.” Says Steve Hall, Galena Fire Chief.

Hours upon days of work have gone into this staple in the community.

Friday marked the return of the biggest event for the city of Galena.

“Galena Days is our annual birthday celebration where we celebrate Galena’s birthday, 144 years this year, it’s a good deal for the community.” Says Hall. “Its our main fundraiser, you know we’ve done it since we took it over, gosh back in the 70’s.”

This year’s “Galena Days” holds an added layer of meaning to Hall and the community.

It’s also the first year since former Galena Fire Chief Bill Hall passed away.

“This was his baby, he loved Galena Days.” Says Hall. “From meeting the people, getting donations, prizes, he absolutely loved Galena Days.”

“He was such a staple, but the family is still a part of it and they are carrying on and the community is standing behind what they stood for.” Says Carey.

A community who stepped up to help organizers when times got tough.

Their original carnival provider went under because of the pandemic, and a replacement stopped responding two weeks ago.

“We were able to make due with a lot of help from people making phone calls, getting some alternatives for the kids and older kids to do.” Says Hall.

“It’s that pioneer spirit that has always been here and everybody is just going to make sure we’re carrying it on.” Says Carey.

Creating something the whole city can be proud of .

“I think it’ll be the best for the community for this year and next year we’ll look to ramp back up again.” Says Hall.

Galena Days runs through tomorrow night.

Activities will pick back up again at 9:00a.m. tomorrow, and the parade is scheduled to begin at 4:00p.m.

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