Galena community rallies to return lost tourist bag to rightful owner


GALENA, Ks. — The Galena Police Department is celebrating its community coming together to solve a mystery.

The department received a call from a couple from Spain this weekend who had left a backpack in the area near Cars on the Route.

A social media post from the department said the couple’s passports and other valuables were likely in that bag, so they urged residents to give any information about where the black and red bag could be.

A new social media post from Officer Cornelius on Monday said the bag was officially found. It had been left at City Hall, fully intact.

The post went on to describe how three officers in the department answered calls, walked alleyways, road ditches, searched in creeks, trash cans, and dumpsters looking for the bag.

The department also explained how the community stepped in to share the original post, reaching tens of thousands of people.

Galena Police Department Facebook

I was incredibly excited to call them and tell them we had their bag in hand. It is easy to lose faith in humanity when you look at everything from our perspective. There is no point in speculating the ins and outs or whys and why nots here. What is important is the impact our little corner of the world has made on a couple from across the world. You rock, Galena!

Sgt. Cornelius

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