Future of Anderson Church unknown after weekend flooding



It’s unclear if an Anderson church will rebuild after suffering severe flooding damage over the weekend.

Church members say this is the second time the Jefferson Street Church of Christ has experienced flooding in the past two years.

In 2017, members say flood waters reached five feet, sweeping everything out of the church except the podium. But this time, flood waters reached seven feet, knocking out everything including the podium. And church members say they don’t know if they’ll have the money to rebuild.

“It really hurts, it hurt in 2017 and this really hurts again to think that Mother Nature, there’s nothing you can do, but it hurts to think it was taken again.”

Oleta Cunningham, Jefferson St. Church of Christ

Cunningham says luckily the church had decided not to hold services Sunday because of the weather and no one was in the building when the storm hit.

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