Future improvements addressed in NEO state of the college report


Building enhancements and infrastructure improvements are the focus of a state of the college report at a local university.

Today NEO President Dr. Jeff Hale delivered his annual state of the college, where he recognized current achievements and outlined future initiatives NEO plans to implement.

Dr. Hale launched a new year educating his staff with how the college has performed and how it plans to break barriers that is often associated with community colleges. One of the school’s biggest projects includes enhancing building infrastructure on campus.

“We’ve got 100 year old buildings and 160 year old heat and air system and window system and roofs,” says Dr. Jeff Hale.

Dr. Hale adds each year they will be closing down an academic classroom and renovating as funding comes available. Private fundraising and Oklahoma master lease loans will allow for these new additions.

“Continue to really prioritize campus security..and so new lighting projects that we will complete this fall. really on the request of students they were interested in having our campus better lit,” says Dr. Hale.

Building new sporting facilities is also a priority.

“We had to displace the men and women’s soccer team last year when we put up the new housing project so we are going to start on a new locker room home,” says Dr. Hale.

Faculty in attendance are also looking forward to the many changes this new year will bring.

“I think we really need to improve our student retention and graduation rates,” says Dustin Grover, Assistant Vice President for Academics.

Grover also believes newer facilities will serve the college in a positive light.

“Quality of our facilities as far as our student experience is obviously extremely important to be able to be competitive,” says Grover.

Dr. Hale says he’s also looking to make higher education more affordable for students. He adds he hopes the state of Oklahoma helps support colleges like NEO with doing this providing additional funding.

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