Funeral homes preparing to provide services despite outbreak


GALENA, Ks. — Gatherings of 50 or more are being seriously discouraged.

The president advising less than that, just ten people or less.

That cancels or modifies nearly everything, including funerals.

A local funeral home making sure you can still have a service for your loved one.

Stephen Derfelt, Derfelt Funeral Homes, said, “We have other options like uploading videos or live streaming.”

Derfelt Funeral Home is making sure they’re prepared to honor your loved one when you’re ready, even during the outbreak.

“You have the option to go ahead and go forward with a burial now, and then have a delayed service afterwards, more a memorial service, and of course more people are electing to cremate and when you do that, you can have a service, anytime you virtually choose.”

They’re taking the CDC’s advice about gatherings of fifty people or less, very seriously.

“We’ve had to limit attendance based on the CDC’s recommendation of fifty people in a gathering, that applies to everything weddings, and funerals.”

So they’re preparing in a few ways.

“We’re asking families to come up with a guest list, to see how many people were expecting.”

If your list is longer than fifty, you can Facebook live the funeral service, or have them edit a video and send it out.

“It would like a regular service, it would be mainly family in attendance, maybe some close friends and we’d be uploading it and you’d be watching the funeral on your smart phone or computer just like you would any other service.”

My first question was, how secure is a Facebook live, what prevents a random person from watching?

“If we upload it through another video service, like YouTube, we can make it private, we can make to where you have to have that link to view it, it’s not something searchable and open to the public, but really it’s up to the family to decide how they want to do that.”

Derfelt Funeral Homes just wants to make sure families can honor their loved one, even during these less than perfect times.

“Every life has dignity and if we can take a few extra steps to take care of people then we’re going to make it a point to do it.”

However, if your family member dies from the coronavirus, you should let any funeral home know.

Right now, the CDC says you cannot catch the virus from someone who’s died.

“We need to be aware of that or really any condition, there’s different preparation techniques we use for different conditions and the more aware we are, the better we can take care of our client families.

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