Monday afternoon, representatives from  the Joplin Regional Community Foundation presented a check to the Fuller Center for Housing. 
“We solicit funding from anyone that would like to help contribute,” said Randy Crane, Joplin Fuller Center Board President.
The Fuller Center is a non profit ministry and housing organization. The goal is to raise money to build homes for individuals like Eric Karraker. This location will be his new home in a couple of months.
“I walk everyday from my house to here,” said Eric Karraker, future homeowner.
Accompanying Karraker, his aunt, sister and mom, who says he’s been a special needs individual since he was a small child.
“He uh diagnosed at three years old. He’s been through the Joplin School District and the special program,” said Cindy Karraker, Eric’s mother.
Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Karraker from accomplishing the goals he sets out to chase.
“He has a job. He works hard and he has saved up some money enough for a small down payment for this. He’ll end up with a mortgage that he will pay back,” said Crane. 
“As a mother, you always worry what will happen to your children if you’re not there to help them. And this takes a huge burden of worry off of us, because he’ll have a home,” said Cindy Karraker. 
Just like any mother looking out for her son.
“The day we open it up and it’s completed and it’s there, we’ll be a little piece of heaven,” said Cindy Karraker. 
Representatives from the Fuller Center for Housing tell us the home will cost a little more than $60,000 to complete. They assure us that the funding for Eric’s home will be met. They add that this home should be finished by the end of this August.