Ft. Scott Fire Department working to replace two vehicles


The Ft. Scott Fire Department has started the process of replacing two vehicles.

Fire Chief Paul Ballou says the city is in the process of purchasing a new ladder truck and new fire engine. He says the total cost of replacing the two trucks will be about one point five million dollars. The two trucks that would be replaced are both about 25 years old, and Chief Ballou says there are concerns over possible breakdowns and replacing worn-out parts.

“I think one of the biggest things would be is the liability of using equipment that’s past it’s life, so, that’s a lot of things that you have to keep track of and keep in mind,” says Chief Paul Ballou.

Chief Ballou says it will likely be somewhere around mid-April before the bond application process to purchase the trucks is completed. During that time, the city will be taking public comment on the project. He says if the bonds are approved, it will likely take 12 to 14 months to have the new ladder truck in place, and about three months to have the new engine in service.

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