Frontenac student has nearly $7,000 in tools stolen


FRONTENAC, Ks. — After getting about $7,000 worth of his tools stolen, a Frontenac student is calling on the community for help.

William Jameson is a senior at Frontenac High School and last week while he was helping his mother pack up to move, someone broke into his work trailer and stole his equipment.

When William isn’t taking classes at his high school, he takes carpentry classes at Southeast Kansas Career and Technical Education Center of Crawford County.

He hopes to go to Pittsburg State after he graduates and start his own construction company.

But that dream now has to take a back seat now that he doesn’t have his tools.

William Jameson, Senior, Frontenac High School, said, “It’s just kind of a inconvenience. Because I have to stop what I’m doing to regain what I had in tools. I don’t, I don’t have the stuff to be successful in the workforce anymore.”

Community members have helped create a go fund me page to help get the teen back to work.———–

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