From combat to college, local veteran talks transitioning


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Veterans often have a hard time readjusting to civilian life, and adding college to the mix can make it even more challenging.

That’s why Seth Cobb, a student at the University of Arkansas, is trying to alleviate some of those difficulties.

Courtesy of Seth Cobb

I saw people for my battalion that couldn’t come home and so I feel as though it’s my responsibility to live a life that they would be proud of.


After four years in the army, Seth decided to come to the U of A to pursue his passion —nursing.

Courtesy of the University of Arkansas

Seth quickly realized the connectivity issue veterans face when transitioning out of the service.

“Even for me at the youngest you could possibly get out which is 22, it was still kind of odd coming back,” Seth said. “I mean I was still able to relate to a lot of people in class, but you still kind of get looked at as the old guy.”

He started asking around to see how he could help alleviate some of these challenges, and that’s how he found Razorback Student Veterans, a registered student organization in which students who are veterans or supporters of veterans can join.

He is now the organization’s president.

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“When I started it was about four-ish people and I think our mailing list is now like 28,” he said.

As president, Seth said he tries to provide student veterans transitioning to civilian life with a friend group that they can relate to, while also giving them an outlet to continue to serve.

“We’re finding opportunities to sort of replace that brotherhood and sisterhood service aspect of our lives,” he said. “We’re looking to reintegrate by doing that and the community has afforded us many opportunities to do so.”

Just everything he’s doing is quite amazing.


Veterans Resource and Information Center Associate Director Fernando Rodriguez said the amount of effort Seth’s put into this organization not only helps veterans connect, but also helps with the staggering suicide rate among them.

Veterans Resource and Information Center 

“Seeing that type of support does go ahead and reinforce to our students that the community is around them and is rallying to support them,” Rodriguez said.

“I want to make sure that if there is a veteran on campus that comes here and feels alone or left out, they can go to us,” Seth said.

Veterans Resource and Information Center 

We could be their friend group.


On Monday, February 10, the Razorback Student Veterans organization made valentines for veterans at the veteran’s home, and soon they’ll go to the Leroy Pond Residental Treatment Center at the VA to socialize with the residents there.

The organization also continuously volunteers at the War House Legacy Foundation, a nonprofit veteran retreat down in Devil’s Den.

“Valorie Jones is the president and she’s been a huge support system for us,” Seth said, “She’s been one of our biggest partners and we’ve gotten a lot of fulfillment going out and helping them.”

Seth said they are going to try and get some scouting done for some construction projects out there soon, so in the future that place can hopefully become a haven for veterans.

For more information about Razorback Student Veterans, click here.

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