Friday grass fire a good reminder about to be careful burning


With high winds and dry conditions in the Four State area, fire fighters are urging residents to be careful.

A fire just south of Joplin quickly spread across dry grass and a shed Friday afternoon.

Everything is still dormant from the winter and with the wind and sun things will dry up quickly.

If you’re thinking about burning, things need start getting a little greener before trusting a fire won’t spread.

Fire fighters say wind is the perfect fuel for any house fire and outdoor fire so be extremely careful.

Robbie Sterner, Asst. Fire Chief Reddings Mill, says “High winds, winds actually fuel the fire and it also helps spread the fire. So wild land season, a grass fire situation, it’s actually going to make it spread faster, and in a structure fire, same thing. When we open a door or a window it’s actually going to spread that fire through the house.”

Before burning outdoors, call your local fire department and check on conditions to make sure things don’t get out of control.

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