Freeman Medical System receives level 1 STEMI designation


A local hospital is earning recognition for how it treats heart attack patients.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has awarded the hospital the level 1 STEMI designation, which is the highest a hospital can earn.

“It’s really one of the the really great success stories in modern medicine,” says Robert Stauffer.

Robert Stauffer, a cardiologist at Freeman Health System is referring to the progress that has been made to stop myocardial infarction from progressing. Myocardial infarction is the heart attack resulting in the most deaths, pertaining to cases involving lack of blood flow to the heart. He says this new level 1 STEMI designation they achieved will help them do that.

“It goes to the level of the nursing, care, the level of the doctors,” says Robert Stauffer, “and the type of technology you have for example the type of empela device, which is a device we can put them in when somebody previously would have passed away.”

Stauffer believes this will greatly benefit the community.

“There is a level of care here that is sophisticated to the point that we are at the top level of all the major hospitals in the state, and that’s good to know when you live in the community that if you go to Freeman Hospital, you’re not going to get substandard care,” says Stauffer.

He says his staff has been working hard within the last year to achieve this accomplishment. 

“They do it on such a repeated level that they become very good at it. And they’ve seen everything of all the possibilities of bad things that can happen, you can almost figure it out before you even walk in the room,” says Stauffer.

Stauffer adds ultimately this recognition will allow for them to improve efficiency. He says this is essential due to patients only having 6 hours to seek professional care before permanent damage occurs.

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