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JOPLIN, Mo. — Transcatheter aortic valve replacement – it’s a big title for a procedure that drastically cuts down the procedure and recovery for patients with the narrowing of that heart valve.

Tonight freeman medical focus will discuss the TAVR procedure and impact.

Patricia Ann White, Patient, said, “It’s just a scary thing to go in through the chest. And a long recovery period and a lot of pain. This was a piece of cake.”

But by the time Patricia Ann White had to have surgery, TAVR was an option.

“I said let’s do it. I have not looked back, I have not regretted a thing.”

In the hospital for just a day and a half, White could immediately breath better and says there was little to no pain.

TAVR is minimally invasive and relies on a team approach using both cardiologists and a cardio-thoracic surgeon like Dr. Raymond Vetsch.

Dr. Raymond Vetsch, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, said, “We are able to change out the aortic valve – you know actually make a new aortic valve placed catheter valve without opening up people’s chest.”

He points to the evolution of treatment and better technology.

“The catheter has gotten better and better and better and they’ve basically minimized and crimped together the catheter so that it can be maneuvered from the groin artery up to the aortic position where the valve is right in the heart.”

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