Freeman Medical Focus — Vericose Veins


JOPLIN, Mo. — Treating varicose veins has progressed in recent years.

And the most recent option cuts down on risk of burns and the need for compression.

Action 12’s Gretchen Bolander reports in tonight’s Freeman Medical Focus.

Dr. Joseph Newman, MD, said, “Traditionally in the past when you wanted to have your varicose veins operated on, you had to have a general anesthetic and you had to make multiple incisions. This is a variation on a technique we’ve been using that used heat, either with a laser or a radio frequency ablation.”

This method is similar, but without the heat.

It’s a catheter based process where the physician injects tiny amounts of glue.

“You put pressure on the vein and literally glues the vein to itself. So it accomplishes the same thing without the heat. And the advantage of it is that you don’t have to have really any kind of anesthetic.”

Eliminating the need for heat gets rid of some potential issues.

“With the heating element, you had to take a very skinny, skinny needle, and we would inject fluid around the vein which had local anesthetic and it also provided a barrier between the skin and the veins so you didn’t get skin burns and things like that.”

It also eliminates the need to wear compression afterwards.

“They walk in – they walk out.”

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