Freeman Medical Focus – Varicose Veins


JOPLIN, Mo. — Varicose Veins are just one issue with the circulatory system in your legs.

There can be a wide range of problems – and a number of way to treat that.

Dr. Joe Newman, Freeman Wound Care, said, “Most of the patients we see here have chronic problems with veins that develop sores that won’t heal – and so to treat those we have a lot of different options.”

It starts with a diagnosis of what’s causing the problem, varicose veins, ulcers, pain, swelling or throbbing.

One treatment option is radio frequency ablation.

“Basically that is where we place a wire in the vein and we make sure that it is the proper location. It is a heating element and it actually shuts down that vein. Now your blood flows back to your heart through the healthy veins, not the leaky veins.”

There’s also a foam injection treatment treating issues around the ankle.

“And what that does, it’s basically a detergent and causes a chemical reaction and causes those veins to shut down. So what we’re trying to do is reroute the blood to the heart from the leaky veins to the healthy veins, take the pressure off so the wounds can heal.”

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