Freeman Medical Focus – Vaping and Your Heart


While many consider e-cigarettes a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, that may not be the case.

Dr. Darwin Jeyaraj, a Cardiologist at Freeman Health System says, “We do not understand a large part of vaping, as vaping has only been around since 2003. In the United States since 2006. And, so, what could it cause heart attacks, we don’t know. But a large portion of what’s in the cigarette’s also in the vapor cigarette, and it has some toxic stuff that can cause cancer. “
Nicotine is a common tie between vaping and cigarettes.
“It’s a combination of the smoke and the tar and carcinogens and inflammatory agents that come from the cigarette smoke that really cause all the problems. The nicotine is the addicting substance that really causes many of these problems,” explains Dr. Jeyaraj.
The impact is different when you’re vaping.
“In the vapor cigarettes, there are other chemicals that are added, and those chemicals have been shown to be carcinogenic, as well. But we won’t know for another three or four decades the effect of vapor cigarettes on heart attacks, strokes, and cancer,” says Dr. Jeyaraj. 

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