Freeman Medical Focus: Thanksgiving


The biggest meal of the year is just a week away. And for diabetics, that can pose a unique set of health challenges.

“We celebrate with food, it’s the center of our culture especially on Thanksgiving because that’s the big thing, we eat. So with Thanksgiving I always tell folks, if you’re going to a meal, bring something you know you can eat, so prepare a meal that’s a little on the lighter side, lower carb dessert,” says Haley Brannan, Freeman diabetes educator.

Consider what you’re eating even before lunchtime.

“Also making sure you have a good breakfast so you’re not overeating so much at lunch. It’s ok to have a good portion of the foods you enjoy but trying to still encourage moderation during that time,” says Haley Brannan.

You don’t necessarily need to ban any favorites, but consider the portion you’re dishing up.

“There are some dishes that are going to rack up carbs pretty quickly. For example a lot of your casseroles, green bean casserole, any type of potato casserole, or mashed potatoes, again it goes back to portion sizes knowing the carbs and filling in with freebies,” says Brannan.

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