Freeman Medical Focus: Supply Chain Management


“Supply chain management at Freeman in healthcare is everything from capital equipment, CTs, MRIs, down to the Q-tips and bandaids we use on patients every day,” explained Freeman Director of Supply Chain Michelle Taylor Bay.

Freeman has won two awards from Vizient.

“One for community hospitals and one for large complex medical centers,” Taylor Bay added. “And that award is for purchase management, for standardization, pricing efficiencies when it comes to purchasing this capital equiment and these supplies for the patients.”

Workers say that has a big impact on patient care at Freeman.

“If we can manage our pricing, supplies and everything in getting things we need, it allows us to invest in state of the art capital equipment for our patients in the community,” Taylor Bay continued.

And it’s prompting more than a few questions from others in the industry.

“A lot of hospitals are asking questions – how did we do it, how did we bubble to the top this year in two categories. It’s quite an honor.”

The Freeman Medical Focus was sponsored by Freeman Health System.

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