Freeman Medical Focus: Suicide Awareness


“Unfortunately in the United States, we’re losing someone to suicide every eleven minutes. Someone’s attempting suicide every 27 seconds; so it is an alarming rate,” explained Debbie Fitzgerald with Ozark Center. But the good news is that treatment works and we just really need to break the code of silence.”

And Fitzgerald says that starts with training community members on the warning signs and how to help.

“You learn how to question someone if they’re suicidal – learn how to persuade them to seek help and then know where to refer them,” Fitzgerald added.

She adds that there is help in town at no cost.

“There are resources right here in Joplin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that are completely free of charge,” Fitzgerald continued.

There are even options for depression screenings

“If someone’s been feeling down and out for a period of at least two weeks to the point it’s impacting their sleep, their eating, they’re not able to go to school – they’re not really able to carry our their daily life,” said Fitzgerald.

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