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JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea – a condition that can cause serious problems.

Jeff Keener, Sleep Patient, said, “I don’t know if my awareness raised but my wife’s awareness was raised and she sent me for a sleep study and I’ve been on a CPAP ever since.”

Leading to a healthier night’s sleep for Jeff Keener and his wife.

“My wife doesn’t complain about my snoring – so we both sleep better.”

Sleep apnea affects millions of patients.

Dr. Jason Maxfield, Freeman Sleep Center, said, “Far and away the most common condition is obstructive sleep apnea – caused by the narrowing or closure of the upper airway during sleep.”

When you’re awake, you have high levels of muscle tone – but that changes overnight.

“You go to sleep and the muscle tone is lost – and the muscles relax causing breathing disruptions so as the oxygen levels drop in their body, their brain will wake them up because breathing is more important than sleeping.”

And that can happen hundreds of times a night, which can lead to quality of life issues like daytime sleepiness, problems with memory and focus, irritability and much more. And then there are the cardiovascular issues.

“Untreated s a shortens life expectancy, irregular heart rhythms, heart attacks, strokes.”

The list goes on and on. There are a number of treatments – but most often the answer is some form of air bypass, like a CPAP machine

“Almost everybody who wears a CPAP machine that’s properly adjusted will no longer be snoring. No longer have breathing disruptions and have completely normal breathing,” said Keener.

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