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JOPLIN, Mo. — Patients worried about getting shingles now have two options for a vaccine.

Rollin Trewyn, QuickMeds Pharmacy, said, “If you’ve ever known anyone who’s dealt with a shingles outbreak, it’s a terrible situation to go through.”

The development of a recent vaccine means more patients are now eligible to get Shingrix.

“This is not live so that opens up the field who can receive it – the immune compromised end up with higher risk for shingles in first place, can vaccinate those.”

The CDC recommends Shingrix for anyone 50 and older.

“There are groups of folks under that age that can qualify, an underlying medical condition or have had previous shingles outbreaks, they can qualify for the vaccine.”

The risk of shingles starts when you get chicken pox.

“That virus can live in the body and remain there until adulthood and there can be triggers later in life.”

Like stress. Shingles is described as a rash or blisters.

“It’s not widespread, it’s specific areas – can be anywhere from the scalp and the hairline to areas on the back or chest.”

In most cases, insurance will cover the cost of the two injections.

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