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JOPLIN, Mo. — When a doctor graduates from medical school, their first post is likely to be as a resident. They’re done with class, but are still looking for some guidance from established medical professionals.

Dr. Zachary Anderson, Internal Med. Resident, said, “The experience has been amazing for me so far to be honest.”

Dr. Zachary Anderson is a resident at Freeman Health System.

“Residency kind of gives us a three year span where we are working under another physician who can guide our medical practice and help us make choices when we’re managing patients so patients get the highest level of care available.”

For Dr. Anderson, that includes a future as a hospitalist in Joplin.

“A hospitalist is an internal medical physician who serves in the hospital to take care of patients while they are hospitalized.”

Dr. Nathan Miller is one of the established physicians helping Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Nathan Miller, Hospitalist, said, “Residents… Not only to do they provide excellent care they are at the forefront of medical knowledge.”

Federal funding helps to cover costs of residency training.

But Dr. Miller believes that needs to be expanded beyond current regulations – something he’s hoping Congress will change.

“There has not been a update to the Centers for Medicaid Services reimbursement on how hospitals are actually paid for residency training in over 10 years – with Congress actually addressing some of these issues, we can increase the number of residency spots.”

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