Freeman Medical Focus — Prostate-Specific Antigen tests


JOPLIN, Mo. — Many men will want to consider a Prostate-specific antigen test or PSA test starting at age 50 – a blood test looking for prostate cancer.

Gene Anderson, Cancer Patient, said, “Not totally sold on the idea that it was the absolute answer as far as the diagnosing prostate cancer.”

But that didn’t keep Neosho patient Gene Anderson from getting an annual PSA screening.

“And that was something that kept incrementing upwards.”

This year, it was high enough to prompt a biopsy – which led to a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

“We’ll be doing a procedure next month and probably start radiation treatments in the first part of November.”

Dr. Chance Matthiesen is a strong believer in PSA screenings.

Dr. Chance Matthiesen, Freeman Radiation Oncology, said, “The PSA is really our simplest, and it’s our least expensive, and most readily available to wide screen men for prostate cancer.”

He compares the blood test to screening a female patient for breast cancer. It may never sound an alarm – but can be lifesaving when it does.

“The reality is cancer can happen to anybody at any time and when you’re monitoring and screening for the disease you have the best chance to catch the disease early.”

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